Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am sixteen going on seventeen.

Hey people! Oh i'm finally blogging again. Although I realized that blogging is such a waste of time. But yeah whatever. What more shall I say? Another reason me not blogging is that my computer lacks. Yen nee knows that very well. Its pretty annoying. Moreover, who reads my blog? I mean like why should I blog when no one reads it. Right? However, I found myself a reader who reads my blog twice a week even knowing that I haven't been blogging since JAN. Heart her much! ;)

Class pictures for the school magazine need to be sent in by next week. We are cracking our heads thinking of a suitable place to take a good and memorable picture. Chris suggested that a picture can be taken in the LRT. Come on, picture it. SOO COOL RIGHT, I know, tell me about it! Don't steal this idea okay. Haha. Imagine all 37 of us inside the LRT modeling and posing. How brilliant is that idea! LOVE IT! ;D

I'm definitely gona miss high school. I don't mind wearing school uniforms, really. I find it really annoying that I have to wake up every morning to pick my clothes to wear it to college. Why? Because I don't have much variety of clothes, and I suck in fashion. Haha. Just keep it to yourself alright? ;) Therefore throwing on school uniform is better, I save time! ;D

I am sixteen going on seventeen. ;) The title says it all. Not sure if I'm suppose to be proud of that. I just have to enjoy my last few days of being sixteen. Those days when I was young and innocent. Hehe. Come on, I'm still very innocent but not very young after all. Anyways, I passed my undang, gona take my P license soon, after I'm officially seventeen. However, I don't feel that excitement. Hmm, am I suppose to?

The laptop says "Its 6:45", in a deep and low voice, urging me to get back to my study room. So I have to run. Goodbyes! ;)

Chinese New Year's :)

Catch you soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Heys! (: It had been a hectic and tiring week. Also it was the best week of this year simply because teachers hardly come to class. Even if some did,we still have time to finish our homework in class. Cool huh. Tired because I gotta help doing chores. Other than that, I had been walking or cycling to tuition every twice a week. It ain't fun. I decided to go for the longer way instead of the short-cut to keep myself safe. Probably I wasn't keeping myself safe the whole of last year? Hmmm...

I have loads, yes loads of pictures to upload. But guess what? I'm lazy. Come to think about it, is there any point in doing all this things? Waste of time huh? Oh wells, I'll still do it. (: But yeah next round then!

Great. Mum and sis is going to Dubai. Some other part of the world. For me, I got to stuck in my study room. Annoying much. Don't worry I'll still miss you guys. (: After all, one week or rather 6 days past really fast right? yeah, very very fast. Sis.does.not.need.to.do.chores.there! sheesh.

Dioji the evil went for injection today. (: She was shaking, haha. Bought her a red collar there, cute. She dislikes it. She was trying to pull it out from her neck after 5 hours. -.- I know right, a bit slow to realize it was there. She really did look like she was a great swimmer when she did that action.

Its the very last year of schooling, hoping to make the best out of it. (:

Cheer is on. (; I'm gona have fun and yes it's gona be fun, well at least I hope..

Watching 'Marley and me' tonight for the second time. Sis said dioji is exactly like Marley, haha. Now you can picture it! Save your trip to my house to visit my dog, (you should know who you are that I'm referring to). You'll end up getting a scar. (: A present from her. Swe-et huh! But on second thought, yes I would like you to come, she would love your company. I would also love to see her having fun. (:

Okay. I got to go. Lets see when's the next time I'll blog. hah. Good night!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It was Monday afternoon when dad told me this : "We are going Langkawi tomorrow night." (: Well it's cool, really. But I wish dad would tell me earlier, then I can feel the excitement. Now it's too rush to feel 'em.

I'll be celebrating Christmas there, fun. Hoping to see something there that amaze me.

Facebook, its killing me. I don't know how to use it. -.- haha. Plus, my com sangat the slow. Bo-ring!

I miss SuperCamp loads. We're having a gathering soon. Can't wait. (:



Langkawi here I come! (:

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hey! I'm back. :) from SuperCamp. This camp, more than awesome I'd say. I mean seriously, no regrets at all. It was the bomb. First day was so awkward, some of us thought we've made the wrong decision. Whereas last day was soo sooo emotional. Everyone misses everyone. Looking or staring at anyone for just 2 secs tears just came rolling down like nobody's business. You don't even have to tell them you miss 'em. Tears showed it all.
I've definitely learnt a lot but I don't think I need to share it here. It was worth it. 7 days wasn't enough. Right people? Sigh. Oh by the way, I've created facebook. I know, i know. I should have done that like years ago? But yeah whatever just add me.
I MISS SUPERCAMP ALREADY! :'( pics up soon.
Elisia's Surprise-Swimming-Outing!
or I don't know what.

I'm sorry I can't upload anymore pics.

Next time then! ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome home, love.

My new puppy, name's Dioji.
you know like D-O-G :)
A mixture of poodle and schnauzer.

We love you, evil.
Supercamp is tommorrow.
Will be back on the 18th.
Loads more to blog about when I'm back.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey. :) Talk about weekdays, oh I'm working. BO-RINGG!! Talk about weekends, okay. Last week I was really busy. This week I'm gona be so tired because of rock climbing on sat and swimming on sun. Next week I'll be going camp. After camp Christmas is here! :D After christmas school reopens.... *breath*

I want my holidays! I mean really those holidays that you can totally laze around justtt for one day. :( urgh!


Friday, November 20, 2009

I need a break. Just so tired from work.
I miss my bed, so badly.
Don't remember the last Saturday I slept until 1pm.
I.shall.do.that.tonight/tomorrow. :D

First day of work. Pretty scared, but it went well. yeah, very very well, I ended up having lunch with my BOSS! =/ Thank God its not just me and her (phew!). There is one of my colleague that joined us. (finally get to use this word, colleague. hah! -.- )

Happiest day! Why? Because i'm working half-day. :D

Mum ditched me. She said she'll call me for lunch. Lunch is at 1pm, she text me at 12.21pm ''Can't join you for lunch''. Oh great! I went and eat alone, it rained on the way back. :'( I finally know how great umbrella can be. Shall not insult it even if it is just so so ugly.

Mum said she will join me for lunch. ''CLICK'' my phone's text message's ringtone. Already prepared to get ditched. haha. It was 12.35pm. Mum's name appeared on the screen. "Open'' I pressed the keypad. I read in my heart ''Lunch together. Meet me at level 4''. WHOO! You can totally see my big smiley face. :D See mummy, I really don't want to have lunch myself! And how happy I am to have lunch with you. ;)

I brought fried rice there. :) my beloved grandma prepared for me. Am lazy to walk out for lunch! so yeah...

I realize what I hate most is having lunch alone! Working there is fine. I get paid. :) Sitting LRT home isn't that bad, cause I know my way there! Maybe I should bring lunch more often. Hmmm..


I guess I can't fulfill some of my plans. Anyways, I will be going to Sheila Majid's concert. I have never heard about her before but yeah I'm going! :) I think I have never been to any concert before, of course apart from my sisters concert. SO can't wait!

OKies, I'm tired already. Stupid thingy can't upload my background! Haih, bye! ;)

I still can't forget that thief.
Freakishly steal my things.
So pissed and annoyed.